Basic Elements of the Christian Life

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The chapters of this series present basic elements of the Christian life as shown in the Bible, such as God’s plan of salvation, contacting and experiencing Christ in our human spirit, growing in the Lord, and the building up of the church. This series of three books will strengthen your faith and walk with the Lord.

Volume 1
God’s plan of salvation is presented in the first chapter on the mystery of human life. The following chapters detail several basic experiences for a Christian. The final chapter presents the ultimate key to a believer’s Christian life—the experience of Christ in the human spirit.

For those seeking God and for believers who desire to grow in Christ, these messages will establish a firm foundation for a rich and meaningful Christian life.

Volume 2
The central point of the Christian life is to know Christ Himself. For this we need to contact and experience Him in a living way day by day. This experience involves some basic elements, including proper spiritual food, regular spiritual worship, and deep spiritual growth.

Three basic elements for a healthy Christian life are presented: spending time with the Lord, contacting Him in a simple way, and growing deeply in Him. These messages will bring seeking Christians into the rich nourishment in God’s Word, into moment-by-moment contact with Christ, and into the deep, hidden experience of God.

Volume 3
There are further experiences of Christ that are basic to the Christian life. As believers, we should live according to the higher principle of life, rather than just the principle of right and wrong. When the life of God operates in us, the shining of this life brings us into a proper living and builds us up with other believers into a corporate expression of God, which is the church.

These messages will impart spiritual food into all believers for both their personal growth in the Lord and for the growth and building up of the church.


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