The Word of the Cross

“For the word of the cross is to those who are perishing foolishness, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” (1 Corinthians 1:18)

Written nearly 2,000 years ago, these words in the Bible address the attitude of certain Greeks in Corinth who prided themselves on their philosophy. They ardently pursued wisdom in an attempt to understand the universe and mankind. Yet, although their philosophy had not answered the questions concerning the problems of human nature or the meaning of mankind’s existence, these wisdom seekers rejected the word concerning Jesus Christ and His crucifixion, dismissing it as foolishness.

The Bible reveals to us that God created mankind with a purpose. He wanted to enter into man to be man’s life, enjoyment, and everything. As a result, man would be God’s expression. God and man would not be two separate entities, one far away, worshipped by the other, but the two would be joined together in a loving relationship.

Before this could happen, God’s enemy, Satan, corrupted man and polluted him from the inside out. Man became sinful, dark both in deeds and thoughts, and thereafter struggled to overcome the inward evil and its consequences. He did not understand what God wanted or why he existed.

But God in His wisdom made a way of salvation: Jesus Christ and His death on the cross.

Jesus Christ, to outward appearances, was simply a good man who died an ignoble death by crucifixion at the hands of the Roman government. But Jesus was more than a good man. He was the Almighty God who humbled Himself to become a lowly man. He was without sin, yet He willingly bore the sins of all mankind in His own body on the cross. His redemptive death saves us from sin and a meaningless existence.

The Lord Jesus not only died for us on the cross, but He also resurrected from the dead. In resurrection He became the life- giving Spirit who is available anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

This word can either be foolishness to us or it can be the power of God to save us. Which will it be to you? Will you reject this word as foolishness, even as you struggle with the problem of your sins and the emptiness of an existence without purpose? Or will you recognize the cross of Christ as God’s wisdom and the power of God to save you?

The Lord Jesus and all He did on the cross can be yours simply by your receiving Him. He is here now, waiting to come into you to be your salvation and the meaning of your human life. You can accept God’s way of salvation simply by opening your heart and praying:

“Lord Jesus, thank You for the word of the cross. I accept this word. I confess that I am a sinner. Thank You for dying for my sins on the cross. You are truly God’s way of salvation for me. Lord Jesus, I open my heart to You. Come into me. I receive You as my Savior and my life. Amen.”